• Buildings

    Buildings such as residence, educational institutes, commercial centers, hotels, restaurants etc required standby reliable source of power which can supply power immediately in case of city supply power failure.  We provide Diesel, Natural gas/biogas, Dual Fuel power generators/power plants for these cases, which can be chosen by end-users. 

    Necessities of Power generator for buildings.

    24 hours continuous stable power supply, in extreme or normal temperatures from -10 °C to 50 °C.
    Honny Power generators are design to work 24*7 in extreme temperature conditions with minimum maintenance 

    In some cases CHP & CCHP (Combined heat and power/ Combined cooling heat and Power) to utilized heat.
    Honny Power specially designs Diesel and Gas CHP/CCHP Power generators to provide hot water or steam as well as Power.

    Lower noise level is important.
    Honny power generators are made to be environment friendly with low emission and lower noise level 

    Reliable AMF & ATS System (Auto mains failure & Auto transfer System) which can start and stop generators 
    automatically with load transfer in case of city supply on or off.
    Honny control system contains world class AMF, ATS Control systems like Deep See, DEIF, which are easy to use and 

    Advantages of using Honny Power Generators for buildings.

    Honny power is among the leading manufacturer and supplier of power generators and turnkey power plants for vast applications around the world since 1992.                                                                                     
    Honny Power generators are designed to operate and maintain easily by non technical persons as well. Environment friendly generators with minimum noise level and low emission. We also specially design the power generators and operational system to meet all the requirements of end users. 





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