• Engine and alternator mounted on same frame steel skid.

    Build in damper for anti-vibration.

    Compact design, easy to operate and maintain.

    Sino-US Googol brand engine

    Top brand AC alternator

    6.3/6.6/10/10.5/11kV as per requirement

    Full range protections, alarms with auto shutdown features.

    Comply with ISO8628 national standard and ISO9001 quality standard.

    Specially designed horizontal/vertical, engine driven/electrical radiator.

    Industrial, Residential silencers
    Catalytic converters
    Heat exchangers
    Special spark arrester silencers
    Standard set for "CE" certification

    Sound & Weatherproof canopy optional
    Spring, seismic anti-vibration mounts
    Advanced facility for FAT.

    High Voltage Generator Series
    Generator Model Prime Power Standby Power Engine Model Configuration Fuel consumption Genset Size-Open Type Download datasheet Request a quote
    HGM688HV11 500kW/625kVA 550kW/687.5kVA PTAA1340G1 12V 137 l/h 4000x1400x1900mm
    HGM825HV11 600kW/750kVA 660kW/825kVA PTAA1780G1 16V 162 l/h 5000x1780x2100mm
    HGM1000HV11 720kW/900kVA 800kW/1000kVA PTAA1780G5 16V 191 l/h 5000x1780x2100mm
    HGM1100HV11 800kW/1000kVA 880kW/1100kVA QTA2160G1 8V 205 l/h 5200x2190x2400mm
    HGM1250HV11 900kW/1125kVA 1000kW/1250kVA QTA2160G5 8V 224 l/h 5200x2190x2400mm
    HGM1375HV11 1000kW/1250kVA 1100kW/1375kVA QTA3240G1 12V 249 l/h 5800x2190x2600mm
    HGM1650HV11 1200kW/1500kVA 1320kW/1650kVA QTA3240G5 12V 296 l/h 5800x2190x2600mm
    HGM1925HV11 1400kW/1750kVA 1540kW/1925kVA QTA3240G7 12V 332 l/h 6000x2190x2600mm
    HGM2063HV11 1500kW/1875kVA 1650kW/2063kVA QTA3240G9 12V 371 l/h 6000x2190x2600mm
    HGM2200HV11 1600kW/2000kVA 1760kW/2200kVA QTA4320G3 16V 379 l/h 6500x2600x2950mm
    HGM2500HV11 1800kW/2250kVA 2000kW/2500kVA QTA4320G5 16V 421 l/h 7000x2600x3150mm
    HGM2750HV11 2000kW/2500kVA 2200kW/2750kVA QTA4320G7 16V 495 l/h 7000x2600x3150mm
    HGM2752HV11 2000kW/2500kVA 2200kW/2750kVA QTA5400G1 20V 496 l/h 8300x2600x3550mm
    HGM3025HV11 2200kW/2750kVA 2420kW/3025kVA QTA5400G3 20V 547 l/h 8300x2600x3550mm
    HGM3300HV11 2400kW/3000kVA 2640kW/3300kVA QTA5400G5 20V 570 l/h 8300x2600x3550mm

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