• Silent Generator
    Specially design weather resistance anti corrosion enclosures for different application such as Residential buildings, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Oil fields, Mines etc. to ensure smooth running in all weather conditions.

    ? Base fuel tank with level indicator
    ? Build in control panel
    ? Electric Air inlet and outlet louvers (optional)
    ? Power output box for plug and play
    ? Glass window to monitor control display

    ? Resident grade exhaust silencer

    Containerized Enclosure

    ? Standard containerized canopy with 20’ or 40’
    ? Build in fuel tank for daily running
    ? Build in control panel
    ? Build in Fire detection and protection System
    ? Build in Air conditioner or heater (optional)
    ? Electric air inlet and outlet louvers
    ? Resident grade exhaust silencer
    ? HV transformer (optional)
    ? Distribution panel (optional)

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